DIY Cthulhu Stencil

Im going to show how to make your very own, reusable, Cthulhu stencil. I made this stencil to use on my truck tailgate. I plan to use a can of white Plasti-Dip, but spray paint will work as well, though I do not encourage anyone to spray paint on a vehicle. Do so at your own risk.

What youll need:
**Pattern for template
**1/16″ plastic [a clear shower curtain will work as well]
**Box cutter or hobby blade, depending on the thickness of your plastic.
**1 sharpie [for outlining the pattern on the plastic]
**Scotch tape [to tape image in place on back of plastic, prevents sliding/shifting]

First you need to print out the image to use as the template for your stencil. I used the following.  Download it from here.

Then gather your supplies and take the printout to the back of your plastic. Taping it in place prevents it from slipping or shifting as you trace the pattern.

Once you have the pattern taped in place, trace the outline using the sharpie on the plastic. Then you can start cutting. Use caution!

Remove the pieces as you cut them free, to better keep track of whats left to cut.

Once finished cutting, remove the paper from the back and grab your can of spray paint and have fun. Remember, only paint on YOUR property and I take no responsbility for what you do with your stencil.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!


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